“I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the most glamorous show in the West End! It was easy to be inspired by such dazzling costumes and eye-popping spectacle.

The link between fashion and theatre is one that’s always fascinated me and it’s been a joy to design a glittering range of shoes inspired by this stunning show.”

Lucy Choi - London


Strong, inspirational women are at the heart of Lucy Choi London’s signature style and they don’t come more inspirational than The Dreams: Effie White, Deena Jones and Lorrell Robinson.

The award-winning musical Dreamgirls, sends audiences on a musical roller-coaster ride through the 60s and 70s. The Dreams grow from small-town singers to all-conquering divas in a production full of sparkle and glamour.

In collaboration with Dreamgirls Lucy Choi has designed a limited edition range of three shoes, each inspired by a member of The Dreams.

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The Effie

Effie is a powerful singer and an even more powerful woman.  In the 1960's Effie finds herself striving to be heard during a revolutionary time in American music history. She may not be the music industry’s conventional idea of a front woman, but Effie trusts in her talents and knows she has what it takes to make it, refusing to be consigned to singing back-up to anyone else’s lead. She has The Voice, the determination, confidence and vision to walk her true path against all the odds.


The Deena

Deena's great beauty isn't just skin deep; her soul sings with a starry-eyed optimism, and the ability to dream big on behalf of herself and her friends. Driven by a deep desire to be the best that she can, Deena leads the Dreams into a world of fame and fortune, but at the height of her powers she discovers the price of stardom and the true value of friendship. Her courage to stand tall and to climb the ladder of success without treading on others, defines Deena’s true spirit. 


The Lorrell

Lorrell is the life and soul of every party, and the glue that holds the Dreams together as they ride the rollercoaster of fame.  Taking all the highs and lows in her stride, Lorrell’s open-hearted spirit, great sense of humour and ability to see the best in everyone, lead her to a life filled with adventure, excitement and passion. Through it all Lorrell keeps both feet firmly on the ground and does not allow the glitz, glamour and trappings of show-business to distract her from her dreams. 

Lucy Choi London offers  affordable and accessible luxury for every generation and occasion, without compromising the 3 C’s: Comfort, Craftmanship and Character.

Lucy Choi London’s signature style is epitomised by a "Rock 'N' Royal" Theme, inspired by the two Kate's: the edgy and iconic Kate Moss and the elegant and classic Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Lucy Choi's personality and own style is reflected in her brand, which champions creativity and character rather than being specifically trend-led. Some shoes express a sense of "Rock", some "Royal", and others a striking combination of the two.

In just six years Lucy Choi London has opened a flagship store in London, and is now sold in over 80 stockists in the UK and internationally including the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and New York.

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